At the Warrior’s Heart Academy we offer a variety of combat and fitness classes such as Ninjutsu, Kick Boxing, WASP Fighting-fit classes, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Kyudo, Tactical Archery, Personal safety training in the form of WASP self-protection, the ARC System, and much more.


Ninjutsu is a traditional Japanese Martial Art that has a natural approach to movement and combative response to the martial arts of the Ninja.

Bujinkan Malta Dojo’s Sensei is Alfred Galea 15th Dan Shihan (Master Teacher) to the Honbu (head Dojo) in Japan under Hatsumi Sensei.


Kickboxing is a martial art which helps you to get fit, builds your stamina and strength, improves your muscle tone and flexibility. We train in a safe, professional and dedicated environment with qualified professionals of the highest calibre.


We provide classes in modern firearms awareness and handling. Our certified instructors will demonstrate all safety measures when handling firearms, demonstrate their features and maintenance procedures and can also facilitate shooting practice at local shooting ranges (additional fees may apply).


Ninjutsu can be taught from a very early stage. In our classes, children are trained for success in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

Classes emphasize respect for others and good manners, while introducing the students to body skills and safety basics.


The Wasp system is based on simple but effective techniques in both unarmed and armed combat. The syllabus is designed to help you defend yourself and avoid being a victim. Our instructors will share some common sense advice for defending yourself and train you in practical techniques that work.


The syllabus of the Kukushinden Ryu Kenjutsu has everything one would like to learn about the most fantastic Japanese martial art; the art of the sword.

You will learn from A to Z from how to wear the uniform up to how to choose your own Katana (sword), carrying it, maintenance, storage, etc…


Kyudo (弓道 the way of the bow) is the Japanese martial art of archery. Kyudo practitioners may be known as Kyudojin, (kyūdōjin 弓道人). Experts in Kyudo are referred to as kyūdōka.