Our facilities can accommodate more than one class at a time . The area divided into three sections: a modern combat zone, a traditional combat zone, and a mini gym. There is also a classroom area available for lectures and presentations which is fully equipped and can be tailored to the specific needs of the class. Fill in our contact form to visit us.

Large Training Area

The Warrior’s Heart Academy boasts one of the largest training areas in Malta. We have plenty of room for students to train comfortably in all forms and techniques, including those with staff weapons. All students are assured ample space to train and fine tune their movements without any space restrictions, even in the event of multiple concurrent classes.


The modern combat zone is a 96m2, fully-matted area. It is equipped with a half-cage wall, punching bags, and a comprehensive selection of focus pads.  During tactical archery and Shurikenjutsu it is transformed into an indoor archery range which also contains a target area for knife and shuriken throwing.

The traditional area, which is at the heart of the dojo, is 10m2 and it is covered with traditional Japanese tatami.  Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Karate, Judo, and Kenjutsu are taught in this area.


Members can benefit from our mini gym, which has a great view of the local valley and famous Mosta Dome. The mini gym consists of a treadmill machine, a cross trainer, and a bench with a selection of weights.


Warrior’s Heart Academy is the home of Bujinkan Malta Ninjutsu group and it wouldn’t be complete without adventure training facilities. We have a climbing wall which is three stories high and is used to prepare our members for outdoor abseiling and climbing events.  Individual and group training sessions are available to interested parties.


In our massage area, you may book an authentic Thai massage by Thaibaipo of Sliema. All massages are by appointment only.